PortalEkonomi :24-hour Garuda Indonesia call centre ready to receive complaints from passengers

The 24-hour call centre in Garuda Indonesia is an excellent service for one of Indonesia’s largest airlines.

In addition, the airline is very concerned about every detail regarding the services provided to its passengers. For example, in terms of providing food or snacks to passengers. They pay great attention to the quality of their food and beverages so they decided to cooperate with many suppliers who ensured the best quality and quality.

Therefore, it aims to  reduce complaints and negative impressions from customers through garuda Indonesia’s 24-hour call centre in  terms of availability.

Garuda has already been ranked as one of indonesia’s number one airlines, and is very keen on everything. Because once a single mistake occurs, it can damage their image in the hearts and eyes of passengers or the general public. Because they have no point of view regarding Garuda, they should all be of high class.

This 24-hour Garuda Indonesia call center is dedicated to potential travelers and loyal customers. The airline does not want to lose market share simply for its poor services in the eyes of customers. So, as a company with aviation services, they inevitably have to deliver everything they do better.

Current  complaints from customers

Given the large number of passengers who may have become loyal customers of this airline, so when this company is serving its customers wrong or the quality drops even if it is only small, it will be very clear. Because they have become loyal customers and understand well the services they have received. So it is really necessary to pay attention to quality.

Although they have done their best to implement high-level services by providing a 24-hour Garuda Indonesia call centre , there are still passengers or customers who feel they are not getting a good service.

Complaints from these customers are very diverse. There are those who are dissatisfied with the service of the company’s employees. Then there are also those who are not satisfied with matters relating to aircraft facilities. Because when they pay for the ticket, it means they already believe in Garuda and want to get the best service at the price.

The worst complaints are received through garuda Indonesia’s 24-hour call centre in  the provision of flight services, i.e. when there is a flight schedule delay. Although the delay was due to the main factor is bad weather. If the flight is carried out, it will actually threaten the lives of the passengers of the aircraft. But passengers sometimes still do not accept it for various reasons.

Purpose of  call centre services

Recognizing that the company sometimes continues to suffer from deficiencies in the provision of aviation services, this call center service has been established. With this service, it is hoped that it will be able to fill the wishes and input of passengers into the company. Because it is impossible if the company will ask customers one by one.

However, the company prefers to provide a 24-hour Garuda Indonesia call center service  so that passengers and loyal customers of this airline can file a better complaint independently with Garuda. Additionally, garuda also has hopes for its passengers to provide input and cash that can build this company.

So that of all complaints made by loyal customers or garuda passengers can be the article to evaluate the performance of this company. From assessing the company’s shortcomings, improvements will be made to the quality of service that is more able to make loyal customers comfortable so that there is no loss for both parties as service providers and service users.

This 24-hour Garuda Indonesia call centre is also able to make passengers feel close to the company. Because they can call it anytime and anytime they need it. This call centre is already available for 24 hours, so whenever you want to file a complaint and convey concerns about garuda services, you can call 0804-180-7807.

Types of call centers that can be used

Each company must have a call center service in order to accommodate everything related to customers. But please note that the call center itself has several types. So that in receiving complaints even when carrying out a marketing activity there is its own label for this call center.

The first is possible. The 24-hour call centre type in Garuda Indonesia  is only for use and serves as a recipient for all complaints and complaints of customers or passengers.

While the second type of call center is an outsider who has an understanding or works as a marketing tool. So when  a company contacts you to deliver all its products, it means a call center of the type issued.

So basically garuda Indonesia’s 24-hour call center has its own function. If inbond to accommodate suggestions and criticisms of customers and customer service. Then to market all Garuda products and benefits, they use the outgoing call center type that corresponds to their respective goals.

should have a call center

The person in charge and already serving as a call center must have many important features. The absolute characteristic of the call centre is patience. They have to be patient in accepting different complaints even to the point of mocking customers. This is common and comes out of the mouths of disgruntled customers.

Then care. The call center must have a high nature of concern for customer complaints. Finally, the 24-hour Garuda Indonesia call center must have a  good listening nature. Because when a customer complains about the company’s service, the call center must listen to it as much as possible to be transferred into the company.

Basically, having a call center service in the company is very important in order to market products and receive all complaints from customers. In this way, the company properly understands the weaknesses it must fix. Garuda Indonesia’s 24-hour call centre is one of the best services Garuda Indonesia offers its customers.

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