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Call Center CIMB Business which is already Dcontact

know cimb niaga call center which is easy to contact to avoid fraud. Increasingly sophisticated technology in the current era brings several positive, but also negative impacts. The sector that receives a positive as well as a negative impact is the customer service sector.

In this era, customer service can be through call centers. The existence of this is certainly very useful for customers, you do not have to bother  to go to the bank just to complain about other things. Just sitting at home can you get customer service.

Bank CIMB is a banking company that was founded for a long time starting in 1955. The bank was founded in 1987.

A brief explanation of the development of CIMB Niaga

Being a professional banking company, CIMB Bank has received gratitude to be one of the largest banks in Indonesia related to its assets. This bank has a CIMB Niaga call center which is easy to contact.

Bank CIMB has its main services that provide capital loans as well as home loans. Because CIMB appreciates being one of the banks with the largest and best credit service provision in the country.

In addition to credit services, CIMB Bank also provides various banking services such astabunagan deposits.  You  can also apply for vehicle loans, non-self-defense loans, foreign exchange delivery, SpeedSeend and many other services.

A brief history of CIMB Niaga when it was still called Bank Niaga. Starting in 1976. The program had a lot of enthusiasm at the time.

Since 1981. In that year, Bank Niaga was the earliest pioneer in building online banking. In addition, the program also creates business premises in several regions.

Visionary reflections continue to be demonstrated by new advances. About 1987. The name change to CIMB Niaga took place in 2008.

Call Center CIMB Niaga which Malready Dcontact anytime

Previously, this professional bank provided this canter service for calls free of charge for the loan. However, this is no longer the case now, therefore, for the calling canter service, it is more advisable to use the landline phone service. In addition, you can contact handphone with a credit discount depending on the provider.

The amount of the credit quota deducted depends on the supplier and the moment you call. For Telkomsel providers is about Rp. 1.801 permenite, XL Rp. 1.810 permenite, Indosat Rp. 65 permenite, Osa, Rp. 897 permenite, Tri Rp. 801 permenite, and Smartfreen about Rp. 990 permenite.

To enjoy cimb niaga call center services that are easy to reach via the number 14041. When using this service , you can inquire more about information about the banking product. In addition to being useful for knowing more information about products, you can also find solutions to banking problems.

Common banking problems such as lost books, forgotten pins, lost debit or credit cards, blocking debit or credit cards and others. In addition, you can ask questions about banking issues using the 14041@cimbniaga.co.id email service.

You don’t have to worry because there are several CIMB Niaga call center services that are easy and no burden on  credit costs that you can   try.   You can contact via social media accounts, more precisely via Twitter @cimbniaga, Instagram @cimb_niaga and via the FACEBOOK page CIMBIndonesia.

Tips for avoiding fraud

Along with the development of time, many people use technology to commit crimes. One of them creates a fake account or a fake contact center. To be saved  from fraudthere are some tips that need to be done,

The first step is not to easily lull you. Many people are caught in the trap of scammers because of attractive promotions. This promotion can be in the form of a lucrative balance bonus. Csvi CIMB Niaga centers that are easy to contact only at 14046, in addition to this number is most likely a scam.

The second step is to keep your bank account needle safe. Keep the needle in your bank account so you don’t give it to others until now because it can have a bad impact. If someone suddenly calls and then gives a gift but the condition has to tell you the needle, do not give it.

The last thing is that you don’t give OTP to others from time to time. This OTP code is a temporary password that will be sent in the form of several digits via SMS or email. If there is a problem, please contact the CIMB Niaga Call Center immediately which is easy to contact.

Call Center helps you  find out recommendations for CIMB Niaga savings types

Savings in CIMB bank are worth considering because banking products have many attractive characteristics and guaranteed security. Opening a new CIMB Niaga savings account is very easy so you can do it anywhere and anytime.

Saving money is your  start to prepare for a brighter life in the future. Saving at the bank is the most appropriate thing because it is guaranteed to be safe and has a complete service for customer needs. Well, if you’re  confused about what types of savings CIMB Niaga provides below the review.

CIMB Niaga Xtra Savings. This type of savings has various advantages such as free administrative fees, free during hospital treatment up to a million per day and no administrative fees when transferring to a colleague of CIMB Niaga. Open an Xtra savings account now via cimb niaga call center which is easy to contact.

Asia saves water. The advantage of opening an Air Asia Savers  savings account is that you will not be charged  administrative fees when withdrawing an ATM, and you can get cash back for every purchase of airline tickets to Air Asia through the official website.

Hypermart Savers Commercial savings is suitable for those who  like to buy. This type of savings has advantages in the form of cash when you shop at Hypermart. In addition, you can get other benefits. For more detailed information about this savings account, immediately call the CIMB Niaga Center which is easy to contact above.

Fortified savings are suitable for millennials. By opening a savings account, you can achieve long-term benefits in the form of a guaranteed future life. In addition, there are many other advantages such as getting free insurance fees, the interest rate is also relatively low at around 7.24 percent, and there are many other advantages.

There are many advantages when cimb niaga bank is entrusted as a banking solution. When you can otherwise get monetary benefits quite a lot by using a savings service. If  you want to find out  the latest banking services from CIMB Niaga, you can  contact the CIMB Niaga call center which is easy to contact at the above number and email.

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