Doccapil Call Center overcomes all population data: SSSTiktok

Dukcapil Call Centre is a center for problems related to the civil registry of Indonesian society. In all areas there are offices not only in Jakarta, but in different areas to ensure that all people have good and quality services. You can take care of them directly to the office or online.

Nowadays everything is more sophisticated and accessible through the Internet. This is the most important thing that makes it easier to deal with the problem immediately. Like an ID card, it should be done immediately if you have entered the age of 17. By visiting the office directly, but if you check your NIK or others, you can use the method online.

Dukcapil Call Center is available in overcoming various problems, especially in population data. Registration is also done so that people are officially resident in Indonesia. It has been confirmed that different agencies or when they want to apply for a functional ID card really need to be attached to other data.

Each county has its own office either in the county or the city. Typically, ID cards are managed in their sub-districts, addressed only to the Dukcapil county or city office. However, people can also if they go directly to their offices, the process is of course easier and faster.

Data that may not be clear and need to be requested can be contacted by their respective regional offices. Everything can be solved correctly, because it is linked to your data. Many people who delay issuing an ID card can have a final impact because the requirements are of course changing so far that can be online.

Ducabell call centre services in different regions

The services that can now be done online make it easier for people, especially if the office is away from home. It becomes very important to present the problem you face directly with regard to the civil registry because if it is not dealt with, it will be fatal to yourself.

Dukcapil’s call center is different in your area, but for the central center, you can make the proposal there to be distributed in your regional office. However, if that’s not very important, you should ask at the sub-district office first. Then, if you can’t, you can file your complaint on dukcapil’s central office number.

In addition to KTP, which is no less important, it is KK. Registration must be made in order to know how many Indonesians are present. Thus, a number of censuses can also be conducted online, unlike in the past, which must be recorded from house to house. This makes it easier for society and government.

KK for the family so birth certificates are very important to be owned by everyone. Everyone should use all of that because it is already a regulation in law. Similarly, when your child has to go to school, it is very important to get both data. As a department of school files for children.

As in diploma documents and other types, it is necessary to obtain a birth certificate or also a family card. The sooner the administration, the problem won’t happen. Because it’s important for everyone to be. Tourists from other countries who have settled in Indonesia must take care of their population.

The Dukcapil call center you can call is through the 1500537 hotline or you can also use WhatsApp, i.e. 0811 8005373 or by SMS in 08118005371. It’s all easy and secure. In addition to the number, you can also send an email request problems according to your needs.

Correct selection of report service

Some people are still confused if they have to report, although it is clear that there are errors or obstacles in managing their records. You should therefore know how to submit a polite and acceptable report to his office. After the report in the sub-area office, you can also contact the call center.

As currently, the census was conducted online by contacting the Dukcapil Call Center , without having to visit residents’ homes one by one. With community participation, all data can be collected more completely and accurately. Therefore, you must follow it so that your name or data is registered in the government register as a resident of Indonesia.

In addition, government funding or assistance can also be provided in accordance with existing data. If you do not register as a result, your name will not be registered. Government assistance is also not available. If there are any problems with the online census or in NIK, please report.

  1. You can apply directly to the official office according to their regions.
  2. After that, you can also choose a report through the website page, which is easily .
  3. Moreover, with dukcapil call center
  4. You can also send an SMS or WA to 08118005373
  5. Then if it is in each area its call center. You can then contact the dukcapil offices in question.

Don’t be afraid and worry, if you report immediately, of course, your problem will be resolved immediately. The quality of service is also very good. Because everyone continues to improve performance, this is so that society is more comfortable and safe. Important documents such as e-KTP, KK, birth certificates and death certificates as well as other document data.

These documents have become mandatory requirements for all Indonesian citizens. So, if you don’t have to do it right away because the way is not difficult either. But if you run into trouble with the data that is still wrong, submit it immediately to the official office.

The importance of NIK checks for all needs

Now everything has continued to grow online. You can also check whether the NIK number has been registered. Very important, because it is required in different circumstances. Starting with work school and others. Because it is a regulation that your data is already registered in the country.

Dukcapil Call Center also provides services to you if you have difficulty verifying your NIK number. NIK itself is a series of numbers totaling 16 numbers, and each person must have a different number. Furthermore, to find each person’s identity, you must use the same NIK number.

As described earlier, everything definitely needs this figure. Like different types of needs such as registering for a job, when you want to get married then also open a bank account, then elections and others. The purpose of the check is whether or not the number is valid.

How to easily check NIK

The call center will provide services for your problems. If you are still in doubt, you should check it first at the sub-district office and then submit it to the relevant office or also send a report to the call center. Steps to check NIK easily.

  1. Check out whatsapp

How to check your NIK via SMS or WA is very easy in the following format: check #KTP#NIK to Dukcapil number, 0815 3636 9999.

  1. Check out your NIK using Facebook or Magdain

Checking through twiter is also very easy, specifically through Dukcapil’s official Facebook and also dukcapil’s official tweeter.

  1. Check out your NIK online to dukcapil website

You can then check it out directly through the site with hotline 1500-537.

With this convenience, it can alleviate the difficulties of society in recording your personal data. Do not delay or even delay because data or identity must be recorded by the state. If you’re still confused, you can also contact dukcapil call center.

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