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How to contact the Bukopin call center and report consumer complaints

As a client, of course, when there is a discrepancy, the first step is to contact the Bukopino Call Center. In addition to calls from users, there are several other ways to contact the bank. In this way, customers can quickly resolve their complaints.

Such cases as lost ATM cards to failed cash transfers  can be easily done without the need to go to the branch. This can be done thanks to the customer service of Bukopino Bank, which always accompanies you. So do not worry if there are problems in the administration of banks.

Users have the right not to hesitate to report their complaints to the manager or branch. Even this Bukopin call center works 24 hours non-stop to serve all kinds of customer complaints. So when you have a problem, even though it’s midnight , you can still report it.

The next discussion will explain in detail how you,  as a client, can contact the bank. There are three easiest ways, namely phone calls, cell phone calls, and email. These three ways must be known as a customer of Bukopin Bank.

How to contact the Bukopin call center using the phone

This is one of the most common ways used by customers to contact the bank in case something goes wrong. Just call 14 005 , then you will immediately be connected to customer service from Bukopin Bank.

Unlike other banks, for which credit or bukopin operator fees are still deducted, officially make this service free. So do not be afraid to cost a lot to call the Bukopin call center  when you need it. This is something that customers do not know all the time.

Indeed, most banks still charge consumers telecommunications fees. So it is very natural that most of you do not know that the price of this phone was covered by the bank. In addition to the fact that customers are free, they can also call anytime, anywhere.

Customer call service from Bukopin is open for 24 hours and 7 business days. Although your vacation as a customer can still notify you of complaints that occur in your bank account. In order for the problems that have arisen to be solved immediately, there is no need to wait for it to come to the branch or center.

During business hours, you may experience delayson an n call  because there is a queue. It is natural that this happens at certain moments, you just have to wait thirty minutes and then try to call again. Such cases are rare, but there is nothing wrong with knowing the solution.

Contacting the Bukopin Call Center using a mobile phone network

Bank customers are not required to contact using a phone number if they do not have their own device. The current mobile phone can also be used to make calls directly. The collected number is also not much different from regular calls, so it is very easy to remember.

Just call +62 14 005 to make calls using a cellular network. Although some telecom operators may already be integrated with regular numbers, you can save this mobile number  when regular calls cannot be made.

Not much different from the usual bukopin call centers , the use of a cellular network is still free. So do not worry, your credit will burn out when calling the bank. The server of this mobile phone is indeed different from the usual one, and therefore has several advantages.

If you contact this mobile phone number, the possibility of queue callswill be even less. So, when an emergency is advised to use a number to immediately contact the bank. In emergency cases, such as lost ATM cards, this method is highly recommended for customers.

The sooner you report the problem that has arisen, the sooner the bank will solve it. It is possible to briefly resolve emergency events, such as a lost ATM card, a failed bank transfer, or an incorrect name entry . Even with this method, you will not have to come to the branch.

How to report a complaint from bank customers using email

The use of email is also becoming more widespread due to technological developments. Therefore, Bukopin also provides customer service using email if the call is not possible. When you perform a report by using an e-mail message, the problem can be conveyed in detail.

As a rule, complaints submitted by this e-mail address relate to the issue of mbank applications or digital transfers. Thus, the client can directly send a screenshot of the screenshot as proof of the failure of the process. It is also easier for the bank to confirm the error in the process.

Even with this email, quite complex problems, such as data entry errors, can be solved without having to go to the branch. A specific case is an error when entering a name when making a cash transfer, you can simply take a screenshot and include it as evidence.

You can even report ATM error  events by adding photos or videos as proof.   Thus, wherever the disturbance occurs, customers can immediately report it.

When it comes to response, the email method still has its drawbacks compared to regular calls. Customers may have to wait a few minutes to receive a response email from the bank. If you’re in a hurry, just combine this regular phone and email method as a solution.

To contact by email, customers can use address  to make a contact. The first answer will come from VIOLA, which is a robotic service from this bank. Just add your complaint and it will be automatically connected to the human officer.

Acquaintance with the new VIOLA technology of the Bukopin breakthrough

Perhaps there are still few customers who know viola technology from this Bukopin bank. Indeed, the viola is the latest breakthrough in increasing the speed of service to customers. Basic questions can be answered directly, there is no need to contact the staff with people.

Viola is a robot that will help with bukopin call center  problems so that there are no calls from human employees. Some major issues, such as checking the transfer status before identity verification, can be solved with this latest technology.

Customers who use email to file complaints will also be answered by the viola before receiving a response from a human officer. The advantages of this technology really accelerate the contact between customers and banks so that there are no obstacles that interfere with the customer service system.

To date, alto technology is still being developed to improve customer comfort. In addition to using the email viola, it is planned to maximize regular calls. Thus, to solve mild problems, the viola reacts faster.

It will certainly be more convenient for customers to use this technology, which will help to smoothly submit bank complaints. Future transactional issues will also use the viola to make mobile banking operations smoother and faster for the convenience of customers.

As a client, of course, you will be even more helped by the development of this banking technology. Consumer complaints will be transferred faster and resolved even without the need to come to the branch.  The services of the Bukopin call center  will be maximized and will help meet the needs of users.

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