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Realme Service is the most loyal customer

Realme Service Center, the quality service of customers, to win mobile phones also. The real one, there is no need to use this, hundreds of technicians can repair it. However, it will be a far cry from the future

In also, the phone is also, however when used is not original also. This will affect performance. Otherwise the same again. It is much cheaper than the price and the warranty period is not too long.

Facts, not also. Wen Jun came to the Realme Service Center  to know that its simplicity is so, and its creation is also. If a component fails, you must know it. Therefore, hundreds of technicians have knowledge also

From easy to big loss. In this way, damage is avoided. With armored soldiers, durable and durable also. Its sex and other components are very clear.

There are not many facilities in Realme Indonesia. The number is limited, and the cities can be 45. If it is not far away, you can admire it. All mobile phone complaints must be dealt with well, and there is official protection

A list of Realme Service Center addresses

Now this model is selected from China, especially later. Good embedded energy. New breakthroughs. Indonesian, the dive city of variants. No wonder Realme Multi-Service Center, full address below.

  1. whereas

Residents of Medan who have this mobile phone can enjoy the Medan Expo Plaza. Located on the 4th floor of A1. Or call 061-80512231. Just came here and forgot to bring your warranty card.

  1. stingy

It is located in Arek-Arek Malang, a Chinese mobile phone with two official offices, at the Jalan Soekarno Hatta No. 2 authorized Realme mobile service center, telephone 0341-4378061. There is also Jalan Kawi, 54 A, or call 0341-5082211.

  1. West Sulawesi

It is adjacent to the Mamuju Prosecutor’s Office. More precisely, on KS Street. Tubun number 42 letter B, Mamuju city in West Sulawesi. Postal code 911511. Call 0426-2322922.

  1. Jakarta

As for the center, at ITC Roxy Complex, Jl. Hasyim Assari (021-6335564) Jl. Raya Dewi Santika number 353 (021-22855204).

  1. Bandung

Bandung’s Realme Service Center is located in Bandung Electronics Istana Jl. Purnawarman 11, (022-20510111 UG floor), (022-86012785 3rd Floor A6). With Cimahi, Jl. Raya Cimindi 105A Cimahi022-2065505

Interesting in the service center

Although, Oppo’s parent company is also, but you can’t call Oppo’s repair center. Instead, please go to Realme. This test is also true, the brand is trustworthy. It is also advisable  to  buy new products to accessories and other warranty claims

Realme Service Center is returned to the excellent from the beginning. All the waiters are good and simple. The waiting room with a soft sofa has a full kitchen. Air conditioning, bottled mineral water, TV. Wi-Fi is also available quickly

This Chinese supplier wins also. From the end of the consumer, the high-end is self-adaptable. All facilities, customers bored, to warm treat also. Disgusting, more resentful.

Vested phone, realme service center staff smiled, and sat down. The sound is soft and durable, and it listens to mobile phones too. Then fill out the form. Commander, so blame the mobile phone also

To borrow the mobile phone as a play, open to social media. The inspection was swift. Passed on by technicians. If it is judged seriously, it will be abandoned. If it can be taken lightly, you are welcome to repeat it.

Shingo Service Center things too

Please know that this mobile brand will be open to complaints. But not full ears. Suppose the phone is in the water storm. He then experienced unit demolition outside Realme. It is the Jun mobile phone repair center.

Unfortunately, this place is unofficial, and he claims to repair until the warranty claim is lost. In the initial inspection, the Realme service center asked Jun geometry, such as whether the water hit before falling or not. The times will be inspected

Not only inspecting also, here to see hundreds of accessories, such as headphone charger head, to the cable can also. You can buy it, and it lasts.

Realme Service Center for Baixi, from quality products to the best. The phone is coming, showing the short and long. If you are happy, you can learn it first, so that there will be no disappointment later, and as you wish

Know the warranty law

A warranty claim. Every new product in the city must have a warranty for a period of time. It’s bad. Ru can come quickly. Don’t forget a letter, the warranty card is also verified.

Non-independent offline market also. Online customers will also be rewarded. But don’t save three things. Interesting, the purchase period is 7 days, and the birth is also very good. The device will be updated.

As long as the damage is not your own fault. For example, falling, or scratches on the touch. It’s just that this takes time. It is quite long, with a minimum of 7 days and a maximum of 30 days.

When it is bad also, then it is different, spare parts also. Non-unit also, component also. Interestingly, this phone is available and has a warranty. However, the maximum time given is only 7 days, and the actual period is not long.

The Indonesian mobile phone dispute is very serious. Not only mobile phones, but also the heart of customers. In case of damage, it is advisable to go to a Realme service center



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