Simple registration steps through telkomsel’s official website: YTMP3

Here’s how to register telkomsel cards, understand information and steps

Now owners of prepaid SIM cards must register first. Making the keyword how to register a Telkomsel card is also highly sought after by internet users. Since 2017, this rule has been enforced by the government on the condition that they use NIK data and KKK numbers.

Valid for new and existing customers,  this  registration step uses the same steps. If you do not perform this procedure, the penalty received cannot be activated by the phone number. Therefore, it has a mandatory nature for anyone using a prepaid SIM card.

Including users of the  Telkomsel number, if you haverecently donated a card, you need to make this step. But don’t worry, it’s an easy way to do it. Before we explain the steps, here are some of the most common things related to how to register a Telkomsel card.

5 things to understand when registering Telkomsel cards

Things that must be understood and must be known before signing up for a Telkomsel card, as follows:

  1. Impulses behind

According to the Ministry of Finance and Information, a decision was made  on registration to provide  consumers with protection  through prepaid SIM cards. Given the many fraudsters such as hoaxes and scams. It is also used to support the unique national identity, one of the interests designed by the government.

The same interests as above aim to directly link the identity of the owner of their card to the data of the residents. The trick is to connect the mobile operator’s system to the database belonging to Dukcapil (Population and Civil Registry Service). The legal basis itself is in the Regulation of the Minister of Communications and Information Technology number 14 of 2017.

  1. Substitutes if you do not have E-KTP

Prepaid card users don’t have to worry when they don’t have e-KTP. Because what is needed is a social security number (NIK). There is another possibility to look at the number. You can simply see it on the family map (KKK). So that everyone can register because everyone already has NIK.

  1. Privacy and security ensured

Some people may be concerned about the issue of NIK delivery and KKK number. But the government ensures the security of this data. Because everything goes to the Dukcapil server. So it will not be possible to use it by Telkomsel operators  or others. If a leak occurs, he can face criminal penalties.

  1. Number of numbers for the user

Basically,  a person’s data  can be recorded on multiple numbers. But there are still conditions that apply. One of them is that it is permissible  to register only  three special numbers that k amu do so by SMS.  Three numbers may be exceeded, provided that  the telkomsel card  registration method  is carried out directly at the outlet.

  1. Penalties if you don’t

As we explained earlier, there are penalties if you don’t register immediately. The first is that the Telkomsel phone number  will not be activated. Automate all calls, internet usage, as well as messages cannot berdirectly. This means that in order to use it, this level is really mandatory  for you.

How to register Telkomsel Cards  by SMS

This first step isthe most muddled ah and most commonly used, i.e. by SMS. First of all, of course, you need to prepare KKK and KTP in advance, it can also be just KK.  Next,you need to open the message menu on your mobile device. Here are detailed steps.

  1. New user-specific steps

After opening the message menu, first write the message format REG(space)NIK#NomorKK#. After writing it successfully, send it to number 4444. An example of this is REG 987654321#123456789# and then send it to 4444. After that,  the response message  will be provided by the operator if the registrationis processed successfully.

  1. Old user-specific steps

The method  of registering Telkomsel cards for  older users is almost the same format. You only need to add the word “repeat”. The message format to be written is REG (space) ULANGNIK#NomorKK#. An example of this is REG ULANG987654321#123456789# and then also send it to the same number, which is 4444.

Later, when kamu performs this process successfully, it will receive a response message. But it is also possible that the process failed for some particular reason. If this level  does not work  or fails, we will explain how to overcome it in the discussion at the end of the following  article.

You may actually use the first or second registration method  on  the Telkomsel card, depending on which is easy.   Later, when the process is smooth,k amu receives  a notification. Another sign when successful is that telkomsel prepaid cards  can be  used by phone, sending messages, internet and other needs.

Simple registration steps through telkomsel’s official website

Next is how to register through the website.    You could also say that this second step is pretty easy.  The requirementsarealso the same, namely the NIK and KKK number. It is recommended for kamu who have access to the internet.   Below are the level of listings through the official website details.

  1. Visit the Official Website

The first way to register a Telkomsel card  that needs  to  be done is to open the official telkomsel website, which is https://www. Then open the yan g menucalled re-register prepaid. You can also use the go directly to the site option https://www. Registration so that it is automatically directed to the registration menu  of the prepaid card telkomsel.

  1. Fill in the required documents

The next step is that you need to fill in some of the necessary documents. These documents include names, family card numbers and NIK. Since you can also take NIK off the KTP or family card. Make sure all the completed documents are correct, so that the registration steps can be processed well  .

Subsequently, after choosing the word “OK”,  the terms and conditions will apply  .   The owner of the card can read it first.   After that, if you agree to the terms, choose the option “I accept”. After that,  the registration phase  through this website will succeed whenthe aggregate tools are corrected.

If the recording fails, try how to fix it below

According to Kominfo himself, the reason why the  telkomsel card  registration may  fail due to several things. The first possibility is that there is a double error in the KTP data and the KKK number that causes it to freeze. The second option is an error when you fill in the number of personal documents belonging to the applicant for registration.

The third buzz is the KKK number which was changed to new because he moved his residence to another city. The reason for the latest failure is probably because the KKK number changed too, but because the head of the family displayed his death certificate. If the failure occurs as a result of the above, overcome it with this step

  1. Review the format

When the first error occurs, try to double-check whether the written data is correct. If the numbers are correct, review the format you submit. Make sure the formats, numbers, and letters that will be sent for registration are all correct.

  1. Try texting up to five attempts

When the data is correct, but still fails, it still sends SMS up to five attempts. Afterya if the data is correct, the operator will send a response. After that,  your  Telkomsel number will be  activated. No need to worry about reduced credit, because this process is guaranteed to be free.

  1. Ask directly on the Outlet

Come to Telkomsel’s outlets as registration continues tofail, even if you’ve tried all the steps in the prepaid card listing above.   Don’t forget to bring documents, i.e. KTP and KKK. Later you will be advised to make a statement letter that the data and the identities of the entity filled out are correct, after which they are only processed.

The point is  that to use , you need to choose one of  the levels of this Telkomsel registration, you can choose via SMS or  official website. Choose what is the most practical and fastest level. Don’t forget to always be specific when you sign up  for this Telkomsel card  , so that it succeeds later.

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