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Xl Call Center becomes a leading supplier close to customers

At the end of 1996  , there was the first private company in Indonesia that  established a mobile phone service with XL call centers.   Medesign was previously called PT Excelcomindo Pratama Tbk. A private company  that  was able to become one of Telkomsel’s competitors   at the time as the  main supplier to the government  or commonly known as BUMN.

Although private, they are at least able to  become competitors   of state-owned enterprises  that are more dominant in society and can be affected in various places.   In the past, when they still used phones and  text messages to communicate, the  main factor that made the community or users   comfortable was the presence of signals. In terms of signal, XL is basically just as strong in any location.

XL call  centers  are usually owned and provided by this company. Because their users who are very global and whose  whereabouts are unknown must be affected by a centralized service.   So that they can find out what are the obstacles on the ground  or the  problems that are still faced by their users, and evaluate their products in  the future for a long time.

Because a product and  a company, when they stand up, certainly need  a lot of criticism and feedback from their users.   In this way,  it is hoped that in the future it can be even better and can animate the  competition for   cell phone services in Indonesia, which is still mainly dominated by state-owned enterprises in the form of Telkom as a provider of cell phone network services.

The Xl call center should also be one of the bridges for companies and  users in communication and marketing. Because in this way, people everywhere can be reached and have an understanding of the promos and what are the interesting products of this company.  It is therefore expected that he  will be able to solve the right problems.

The debut of the PT XL Axiata Tbk

A company if it has listed its shares and  financial  statements publicly if in Indonesia on the Indonesian Stock Exchange   , then the existence of the company does not mess up and is able to mistake a pioneer of the industry  in which it was engaged.   They deserve to be appreciated in terms of  performance because they are able  to provide their wishful thinking reports publicly and then be accessible  to  all.

Initially, this company was  more precisely in October 1996, then named PT Excelcomindo Pratama Tbk.   Over time, with better performance and being able to reach and be used by all circles of the Indonesian population, they began to conduct various business expansions with the  aim of expanding the name of this  company, of course, by presenting  an XL call center.

Precisely in 2013 a breakthrough was made by this company by being able to make an acquisition on one of axis  Telekom’s products or companies.   This acquisition, they did it with some important tuning notes.   On the other  hand  , they also work with several companies outside indonesia  that have  made  a name for themselves.

They led the cooperation with Saudi Telecom Company or abbreviated as STC and Teleglobal Investment BV.   They are very willing to pay some of the debts as well as the  obligations of this Axis itself.   In this way, they will have two superior products, namely XL itself as their old product and Axis as their new supplier, but still provide XL call centers.

 The purpose of the call center

Call centers are indeed indispensable for all companies today.  They need a centrally integrated system   as a solution for users who want to provide obstacles to their  problems.   So that everything   related to solving problems with these obstacles can be overcome directly centrally   .

The existence of the XL call center is very important for this company.  Especially after the  Axis acquisition process,  their performance is  very tested here.   This bush product  is  more crowded and widely used by the wider community  , so a lot of problems are  rarely encountered. The call center eventually became their mainstay.

Meanwhile, if the company wants to promote to its customers, they can also use this call center as a liaison.   Because it is believed that this  system is  able to reach  the  full range of  users in all places, especially in Indonesia.   So that everything can  actually be done centrally.

From there, the appeal of the community in providing an XL call center becomes one of the elements of safety and  comfort for themselves.   They are not troublesome to complain when they encounter various problems.  Because the cs are also very friendly and solutive.   Everything is done for the convenience of customers and the good reputation of the company is maintained.

Internal company call center

This company also pays  attention to all forms of communication of  its employees or employees.   In  addition to  providing a help center for customers, they also provide access to the company’s internal communications  for their employees.    Thus, communication can be  very close and can be done at any time during office hours between employees or superiors with subordinates.

This service can  also be one of the ways in which companies cover any type of communication they are not familiar with.   The XL call center, in addition to being useful for  customers, also has great meaning for its employees.  For the company, this also has a significant impact, especially communication. Because companies, especially management, can know what employees are talking about and communicating.

Communication between employees is indeed very necessary and I am a company.   As a team, communication determines a breakthrough for PT XL Axiata Tbk.   The service or product is primarily digital or cellular, so  communication is the main thing. It should therefore  also be applicable in their own internal undertaking.

Theayanan should be their pillar to navigate the  rigors of  this  industry competition  by presenting  the XL call center  as a  complaint center.    Because when they use this product again or after using this product, it is hoped that its consumers will have a positive impression and can become a tool for the company to   grow and  grow.

Benefits of using the XL network

After scouring Indonesia’s market share  from 1996 to 2021, they have provided a variety  of  cell phone services that can become a hub for the general public to  access the  internet in everyday life.    The benefits are estimated to be consistent with  the flat rate that  this company is expected to compete with other suppliers.

Then there are other advantages  in the form of signal speed and  stability  in  their mobile phones when  using the XL primer itself. Because there  are already many 4G LTE networks  in various cities with 1,800 additional spectrums  after the acquisition of Axis,  which makes it very stable and accessible  anywhere while presenting Xl Call Center as a solution.

It is hoped that with the presence of PT XL Axiata Tbk, which has long been established in Indonesia, it will be able to become one of the best providers  of  cell phone network services, even in the private sector.    So that people have a lot of choices to determine which  attitude to use and can complain about their problems in  the XL call center.

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