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Use mortgage simulations at the following banks

Before taking out a credit loan, you must first know the amount of credit that must be covered, you can use a mortgage simulation to be able to inquire about the problem. There are several banks that provide such services to offer convenience to anyone who wants to know how much a home loan costs.

The need for a home is indeed very necessary for anyone in the world. But to get a decent house, the preparation of capital is not bad, and not everyone can pay as much to buy a house. Thus, this mortgage can be a solution for the lower middle class to get a mortgage. Still often, those who want to take out a mortgage feel hesitant because they are afraid of not being able to return the payments.

While in this simulation in the form of a mortgage calculator, it can better prepare customers who want to take out a mortgage so that they can know how much needs to be paid. Whether with a fairly large number of customers can divide the finances they have to pay home loan payments. All these things must be carefully prepared in advance.

Remember that to decide to take out a home loan, it means that you must also be willing to bear a debt of significant amounts for the rest of your life. Therefore, it requires various calculations and preparation in various ways, including in financial planning, will be carried out when you have taken payments. Use mortgage simulations in several banks providing this service, here is the explanation.

Various banks that serve mortgage simulation

The bank provides a mortgage calculator service to provide convenience to customers who want to plan to take out credit to buy a home. Banks provide these services, including mortgage simulations from BCA, then Mandiri, BTN, BNI, BRI banks, Maybank, Permata, CIMB Niaga, Danamon, and simulations to UOB.

The first is a mortgage simulation of BCA. This bank is famous for its relatively innovative calculation of n ya in interest compared to other banks. Because the majority of Indonesians are quite sensitive with regard to interest, this bank provides quite innovative interests, namely the existence of a “fix and cap”, and also the existence of a “3-year interest fix”. It’s about providing floral relief to the community itself.

In the “fix and cap” system itself, you will get a service in the form of a consistency of interest rates that can last 5 years. The given flower combination has a constant as well as a maximum. Everyone will want to get an exact and constant amount, so with BCA banking, this can be a solution to use a mortgage simulation.

Then there is something like “set 1-2 months” if you take this product, and then in the first 1-2 years you will definitely get certainty of interest, and there is no need for a penalty if you are going to repay. With this system, it becomes a distinct relief for customers, and also an interest with the least value among others. Even on the basis of several investigations that have been conducted, bca is suspected of having an interest in a very cheap value.

Explanation of kpr simulation for Mandiri Bank, BTN, BNI

The extensive network owned by Bank Mandiri has reached various regions in remote areas of the archipelago. Since this bank is the largest bank in Indonesia, it  will always provide  you  with services no less important than other banks in the country. There are a few things that are an attraction in this bank. One of them is the content to use mortgage simulation for  a very long period of time, it can even go up to 20 years.

It is very suitable at this time if you want to make a loan in the form of real estate. As for the given interest regime, Bank Mandiri certainly has a variety of interesting features as follows. Namely the existence of Mandiri Flexible and Tiered Instalmentments. Both have their own advantages. In Mandiri flexible, you can take a house and then determine for yourself how long and the distribution of credit on each division. And for instalment payments, you can defer payments to the third year, for the following year, payments return to normal.

In addition to Mandiri, BTN Bank also provides lending services for home loans. In fact, this bank has been providing these lending services for a long time. It is a government solution to help people buy a home easily. In this case, the convenience provided to the government for low-income people can get a large DP of only 1% value, as well as an interest rate of 5%, it can be taken for a long time up to 20 years, for this it is not necessary to hesitate to use a mortgage simulation.

In addition, you can also take this simulation to the bni bank. The loan product provided by BNI is called BNI griya which can be used for several purposes such as recharging, renovating or buying, taking over for villas, shops, apartments, kaveling grounds, and many others can be used in this BNI griya. Even curiously, the content given by this bank is capable of reaching 25 years.

BRI, Maybank, Permata, are no less interesting in the provision of KPR services

Currently, BIS Bank is one of the banks with a large number in Indonesia. Thus, this bank is also not inferior in guiding them to use  mortgage simulations for their customers, with two products that can be used to take loans. Namely in the form of regular subsidies and also. Both are very suitable for use by bri customers throughout Indonesia.

For a credit of a regular nature, it is intended for ordinary people who have a sufficient income. Housing can be taken can be houses, apartments, etc. Meanwhile, in the type of subsidy, of course, it is used for people who have an income of less than 4 million, fulfilling certain given conditions.

And if you are a Maybank customer user, there are two credit options that can be made. Namely Maybank Floating Rate, Interest Free, and also Maybank Plus. In variable rate, you can increasethe interest rates from the  beginning of the taking of payments. And in No Interest, you will get a combination with the savings account provided. Meanwhile, at Maybank Plus, credit will be combined with the number of current account payments when using the KPR simulation.

In Permata Bank, loans are granted through regular methods and Sharia law. You can choose both according to your individual needs. The existence of a wise KPR in Permata, allows  you  to take advantage of an interest of 0%, and also 75% asa calculation when reducing the given capital.

Choose according to your individual needs

By adjusting the income you get, you can choose the ones that can be taken so that later you can pay the payments easily. Don’t just be tempted by the amount of a large loan, but how can you account for the loan later. Make sure you use mortgage simulation and be able to pay according to the grace period granted.

Remember that when you decide to make a home loan, it means that you must also be willing to bear a debt of significant amounts for your entire life. Therefore, it requires various calculations and preparation in various ways, including in financial planning, will be carried out when you have taken payments. There are several banks that provide this service, here is an explanationnyes

Because of the loan debt  you use to buy a home, it will be a big addiction in your life. Preparations to be lighter in coverage payments can also be prepared as soon as possible. Especially for those of you who earn with an average value, using a mortgage simulation may be more useful in the future.

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