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List of the most complete Moto service centers in Indonesia

Now having an address or contact number from  the Moto service center  will bring a lot of profit to all of you. If you already have this, for Moto rola  smartphone users, there is no need to feel the difficulty when they are experiencing problems or obstacles when operating the smartphone.

As is known, the development of the times will have many changes, including in the field of electronics, especially devices in the form of mobile phones (HP). Now there are already many types and this type of utility becomes an option for users.

With the emergence of many of these types, services from service centers are also becoming increasingly necessary. This can be used to find advice or complaints while operating the Motorola utility that you have chosen and used in your daily life.

Currently,  Moto service center stores  will be the main choice of customers. This is because if you use an official place when repairing, the risk of damage becomes less. In addition, complaints will be resolved faster once you haveused the official store of your choice.

In different regions throughout Indonesia, there is an official place to file a complaint or request advice for utilities with the rola Moto type. In some major cities, all services are easily accessible because all customers need these services fully.

Because most  Moto service centers are located in major cities, you can make calls to contacts closest to where you live or work. That way, if you still haven’t solved the problem you’re having using a utility, then you can immediately go to the service.

Using products with advanced technology  such as those available on Moto rola makes customers feel more comfortable. There are also different types of upgraded devices and software that are used by every customer when using these utilities.

Moto y ang service center availablein Jakarta

There are many different choice of locations that are your choice when you are going to repair  or maintain a Moto rola smartphone in Jakarta. Residing in a big city like Jakarta, brings many benefits and utilities to customers to be able to receive services quickly and accurately.

First, you can visit MASC Karlindo Ika Tama Jakarta store located in Jalan Kalibata Raya No. 40 A, Jakarta if you want to go directly to the store. If it has not been provided, an official contact can also be contacted, namely at 0221 – 79192880 to file a complaint.

Secondly, other places in Jakarta are at the MASC Celluler Express Utama location, you can find this store in the area of Jalan Industri No 19, Jakarta. It’s easy to find this place, one of which is by using the map app, or using the contact number 0221 –  6007777 Moto service center.

The third location, which can be found in the area of Ruko Roxy Mas Blok B1 No. 9, with the landmark MASC Sarindo Nusa Pratama Jakarta will be easily visible to the eyes of customers in the area. Contact is also provided which can be contacted on the official number 0221 – 6385 8088.

The fourth location is still around the shophouse, namely at the ITC Roxy Mas Block D5 No. 15 shophouse, which will have an official Motorola store, namely MASC Communicare Jakarta. You’ll find it easier if you want to get different types of information from this place when you’re looking for complaints services.

The last location, which can be visited is in the area of Jalan Kalibata Raya No 40 A Jakarta, namely at MASC Karlindo Ika Tama Jakarta store for friends who live in the area can visit the store. By going directly to the service center, make sure that the service can be obtained optimally.

  Moto Service Center options in Bandung and Semarang

The list of service center addresses can be accessed while in the big city area of Bandung and Semarang no less than Jakarta. Although not as much as the big city of Jakarta, of course the services offered in the following two cities need not be doubted.

  1. Moto service in Bandung

The Bandung area has of course become one of the major cities with a lot of advanced technology used in the city. That way, there is no doubt that the use of many different types and types of Moto can be found easily when in the city it is used by many people.

Ethicalk is having problems when using, there are 2 repair places that provide services, namely at MASC Communicare Bandung and MASC Sarindo Nusa Pratama Bandung. These two places will provide the best service to all customers who come to their location.

  1. Moto Services in Semarang

Moreover, for the city of Semarang, there are also shops available in two places. One of them is located in the Karang Turi Shophouse area, exactly in Block G Nos. 760 to 762. At that location you will find a place that offers Moto utility repair services  according to the needs of MASC Comunicare Semarang.

The second location of the Semarang service center is on Jalan Pemuda, more precisely, in area number 91 from blocks A to B. If you find it difficult that you want to visit the  Moto service center, then you just have to contact the official contact at 0224 3516536 or others 0224 3516535.

Alternative Regional Improvement Services Solo, Purwakarta, Yogyakarta, serta Đông Java

In addition, at some point in the city there are also shops that can offer to handle your complaints about Moto smartphones  . For example, in Solo City there is MASC Communicare Solo which can be accessed in a crowded place, namely at Solo Grand Mall.

Moreover, in Purwakarta, there is also a place to file a complaint by contacting their official office contact at 0281 794828. If you want to go directly to the place of practice service, go directly to their address du jalan HR Bunyamin which is exactly number 78 on the 2nd floor.

The next choice in the yogyakarta area of  Moto service center is  easier  to  find as it is located in the Ramai Mall area, you can go directly to the store by visiting their location on the 1st floor of store number B55. In these crowded places,  It’s easier to be able to get service quickly.

Finally, for the city of East Java, there are 3 choices of places to go. But if you want to make it easier when you want to get services, then there is no need to go to their practice. It is enough to call the contact number (031) 5036578 / 84999960 / 535 8333.

Get a service center that satisfies Moto, all over Indonesia

This high-spec smartphone will be an option for many people in Indonesia to use it. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are many service centers available throughout Indonesia and offer complete services for all customers to enjoy.

Offers from products of various types and categories are also a must-have advantage if you have chosen  this Moto. Gadgets are one of the market’s concerns for the part of technology that will of course always be the best choice for people when using the best smartphones.

Getting the best service in the nearest place by finding an official store from Moto is sure to bring its own satisfaction to its users. If you’ve found the  nearest Moto  service center  outlet, you no longer need to feel stuck if you’re having trouble operating a utility.

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