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Get to know all the names of the cities in West Java


When discussing  the cities in West Java, we will not conclude because there is so much to it; this province is part of the territory of Java, which is famous for its largest population in the archipelago, and we learn that there is a difference we should know.


Currently, West Java still includes renovations and cities, each installed in a variety of customs. If so, you will find a wide range of interesting and unique tourist attractions, and you can enjoy an inexpensive banquet in different areas.


State Capitals and State Buffers


The capital of West Java is Bandung, known as the best place in business or tourism, because it is always used as a good place for tourists to visit. This is not really wrong; in fact, it is often used as a venue for international events and is often used for both concerts and state assemblies.


 West Java has many cities in West Java as a guarantor for the country such as Depot, Bakassi and Bogo. In fact, all three of them support the activities of the State Capital Ja In fact, both workers and ordinary people enter and leave daily for Jabodetabk, a common community that wants to refresh their minds.


West Java itself has 27 territories and cities, meaning that many of these areas have their own uniqueness in each area. All have their own characteristics—Sierra Leone, Sierra Leone, Cyrillica, Sierra Leone, Suban, Suban, Suvan, Kuwakawa, Krawaki, and Pandaran.


Meanwhile, cities in West Java include Bogo, Sukabumi, Bandung, Sirabon, Beijing, Depot, Simehi, Cemelaya, and Benga. Although involved in the development, all of these areas are still renowned for their uniqueness, so it is appropriate to relax so that it is often used as a place for a couples honeymoon.


It is also known that it is also suitable for a place to find work because it is still supported by the local government. It is a separate consideration to work here, and it is impossible to increase the number of economic opportunities later due to government support.


A Feature of the City of West Java


This province is highly unusual because it contains one of the greatest narratives of the independence struggle. The struggle of Bandong Lauten Api, who was deliberately burned to the ground, is still on the move.


In addition, West Java, as we know, is  equipped with many traditional cultures and musical dances, as well as cultural-related culture. The connection never separates from the Sandanese, and they still exist, and Sandanese culture has always been opened as a tent or place to learn.


Another notable feature is that it is quite thick in various parts of West Java, where there are stories of royal and mysterious eras, so stories about Sundance are made in films or Saab Similarly, mysteries are discussed   , and even the two can contract the virus on various social media sites.


West Java is also unusual in other states because of its high density because many people outside the region seek luck for business or work. It is still a political capital, especially when there are elections for national or regional officials.


The majority of residents help West Java to rebuild its identity well, and so far there are more tourism and banquets. This is further supported by local governments to young people who wish to participate directly in their own business.


Cities in West Java serve as natural and virtual tourist attractions


To begin with, it is certainly recommended to visit the Green Canyon in the Pangandaram region. Visiting a stone garden on social media features land and aerial mountains with beautiful rocks.


The name of the city in West Java was another in Kuninghan, the exact tourist area of The Panambongan Hills. You really have to visit the hills, especially if you want to escape the rather complex cityscape, where you can enjoy the view from high altitude to refresh your eyes.


Other recommendations are Bandung’s white volcano and Telaga Ramish Kuninen: People in West Java have the best lamps and lakes in Indonesia Especially now that development is under way, it is easy to access, so you don’t have to cross hard plot roads to enjoy a beautiful lake.


In addition, neither  Bogo nor Tasimalara should be left  behind as the name of the city in  West  Java for  tourists. If you go to Kampung Naga Tasikmalaya, you are more peaceful in the tourist village of traditional rural buildings.


Finally, West Java Tourism Recommendations have a fountain park from Puerto Rico a few years ago, the largest fountain in Southeast Asia. The fountain system owned by the Powercatta regional government is better because it is said to suit Dubai, the Arab Emirates.


A regular and distinctive Sandney banquet


When you talk about  the name and table of West Java, maybe a lot of people say seblak or Battagalore, but in fact the most traditional and original is fermented cassava Even if there are tourists visiting Bandung and its surroundings, it is easy to find honeybee shops on the streets.


Another dish is a summary vegetable, which means it comes from the Sumidanese region, which is like making tofu for actual production, but super fragrance Using chilean powder, it is thought to be a delicacy, but it contains vitamins to compensate for the nutrition at the time.


Next is the Dodoll arrow for the common dish for the most famous souvenir brands, which is delicious color and taste across the country Additionally, it is relatively cheap when buying large amounts of money at once, so it should be used as a souvenir for you at home or close friends.


It’s more or less the same as Sukabumi’s signature Moche because it suits the best memorable product.Demoche is so delicious that it tastes good, because Additionally, it is delicious with shells to make it taste better, and according to food or taste law, it is not at all lower than foreign mochi.


Finally, it is recommended by battagos and garbage, which are very delicious to eat because of its thick peanut butter. It can be used as a delicacy for memorabilia because banned packages are provided, which is a form of vegetative progress in west Java.


We have seen for ourselves how the number of regional variations in West Java province has evolved to improve development, especially development It is about tourism for community business, and it is not surprising that some of the names of some  urban areas in  West Java often come directly from the national government.

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