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You can contact the Panshop Call Centre and help your customers a lot, which is why these customers may face a variety of problems when making loans, and Pegadia is one of the most popular financial institutions in Indonesia.

Financial institutions can be a solution when someone needs money from a sewage for various purposes, such as home renovations to boost their business. However, borrowing from a financial institution is undoubtedly different from what comes from a private relationship. There is an interest to pay when borrowing for a shop.

This is naturally a matter of course that interest will have to be borne when borrowed from an official institution. However, there is no normal system in the shops. Customer shortages must vary with such a simple system.  If you are facing these issues,  please contact the Panshop Call Centre.

Online Port

There are many features offered by the shops to make it easier for customers. One of its latest features is an online pornshop. Online pornshops in the form of consumer access with different features through gadgets connected to Internet access. The application is currently in playstore.

In the midst of a pandemic such as the one currently in place, it has become very important. This is because online pornshops are carrying out activities as customers do not have to come to the branch office. But it’s not really true to have online pornshops. They already know that some consumers are confused about its use.

In this case,  the existence  of a panshop call centre would be of great help. Contact him will provide guidance for the use of an online panshop. Naturally, such guidance is provided from the first stage. In fact, there are two parts that require guidance for the application. The first part is in the registration process.

Personal data must be prepared as thoroughly as possible when registering. The application will therefore request the data. In addition to data, you need characteristics to create passwords and select some features. Those of you who don’t use gadgets will definitely be a little harder.

By contacting the Panshop Call Centre, you will be able to provide full guidance on the matter. You will not find it difficult to complete the registration stage with it. In addition to registration, cs guidance is also required in by-payment procedures. The application provides for online payments.

You have to enter a payment column,  fill out some data and transfer the specified amount of money. It is essential to be careful in making payments online, not to make payments too much and not to harm you. CS guidance can avoid this wrong possibility.


Installation figures must be as good as possible. Don’t make any mistakes. If something goes wrong, damage can be caused because you have to pay for installations that have already been paid for. Cases like this are actually rare. However, some consumers have complained about this.

There are three reasons for this type of problem. The first relates to an error in the system. Although it is made as efficiently as possible, no system is complete. In a very small probability, such systems are very efficient and capable of making mistakes. This is the main reason why payments are not input.

In addition to this system, the second reason is human error. This usually happens by paying directly. In this type of payment, Pornshop will first input data until it enters the data system. This problem may occur if there is a problem with the data input.

This issue itself is rare. In fact, the most frequent reason why installations are not input is the third reason. This reason is linked to an error when making payments through online pornshops. If an error occurs, the money comes in but may not enter the data.

It  is natural that the first  and second reasons will solve these problems by contacting the Panshop Call Centre. If the first and second reasons cause the problem, it is natural that pornshop has been directly assisted in solving it, because the offence is solely the fault of the service provider, but for the third reason, it will still help to resolve the problem.

Fraud is only done by the consumer, but this can still be done. But when you contact the call center, make sure you explain the problem in detail with clear data. That is why CS will ask some questions to prove that the caller is indeed you. This is an attempt to ensure safety.

More information

If you’re just trying to be a consumer – you also have to call the Panshop Call Centre , where you’ll know more about the types of installations you can choose when you want to pan the goods when you call the call centre. In fact, in fact, the types of installations in the panshops are generally divided into two parts.

The first type is the like-like installation type. This type of customer is free to repay or make installation payments. However, the loan time is still this type. For the second type, there are monthly installations. The consumer cannot be indifferent to paying for and installing this type of installation.

That is why there is already an agreement in advance that regular payments can be made every month.  Contacting  the Panshop Call Centre can explain in more detail the difference between the two. In fact, both types of derivatives are still underneath.

For example, this type of installation likes to find two children under it. The two children include KCA Pans and Sharia Pans. KCA is regarded as the same fast security credit. In KCA pans, customers can jewelry or other valuables. You’ll get a loan by panning jewelry.

The loan amounts to 500 million rupees or more. This depends on the value of the goods used as collateral. However, there are capital rental rates that consumers can take. The capital rental rate is calculated every 15 days.  By contacting the Shop Call Centre, the analysis provided will be further enhanced.

Even within these details, you can focus this question on one of the most interesting types of installations. With this, you will not be disappointed that the installation of the option is not as required.

You can call the call centre and say it’s easy.

If you already understand the importance of a panshop call centre, contact the call centre immediately when needed, a central number that can be contacted by 1500569 number itself, which can be contacted from all parts of Indonesia, in fact via WA.

There are two choices of numbers when you want to connect via WA. The two-digit options include 0852-2443-2443 and 0813-2443-2443. In fact, Pornshop can contact it self by email. His official email was at address. But when you call by email, you obviously know that the waiting time is longer than calling by phone.

There is no need to delay when you want to call CS. This is because consumers are indeed forced to answer every complaint and every question for every CS. The answers that will be received are also very friendly and you will feel satisfied with the answers.  Furthermore, the cost of contacting the  Panshop Call Centre is  not very high.

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