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West Javan cireng recipe can be created as you like

Resep cireng typical of West Java many people are trying to find it.   This processed food, of course, has its own history of development to this day it is created in a variety of other preparations.

But there are indeed some special  tricks  that you really need to understand well to be able to make a delicious cireng.

Properly applying the West Javanese recipe cireng will not be enough, In addition, this snack is really very interesting to try even though many people  have sold it on the market.

History of Cireng Snacks, West Java

In fact, this cireng has existed since about 1970 and is used as a road snach at this time. Sellers are street vendors so they can be easily found in many places. Processing this food is also very simple because it is only made of upholstered flour, fried, then served by adding its signature spices.

But usually typical food from different regions in Indonesia has its own stories that are also interesting for you to know. In the West Java area, especially Bandung, many types of snacks are known to come from melted flour raw materials, in addition to cireng. Even these foods are known in various other regions.

At the time, it was really quite difficult for people in the West Java area to get food ingredients such as bread, wheat, rice. Therefore, they are looking for ways to make snaking that can be well received from different walks of life. Hence, the West Javanese recipe “Cireng” was first made.

This food is selected because the basic ingredients are melted flour that is processed from cassava. The longer it ends, the more processed cassava flour becomes a variety of snacks , of course, interesting and accessible to the environment.

A feature of this food is to use abbreviations as its naming. This is indeed often done because of the tendency of people in West Java to be simpler and simpler. Thus, choose to give a shortened name to food as one of them is this cireng.

Recipe for making simple Cireng snacks

Indeed, there are many developed cireng recipes typical of West Java, Of   course, it is later related to the success of the production process later.

You should mix starch, whole flour and chopped drink until cooled. It is then added with celery and fine onions as an additional taste giver. It can also give extra flavour, pepper, and salt as spices, so the cireng taste will be more stable.

The mixture should be mixed using hot water and carefully mixed. You have to make sure that the West Javan cheese  recipe dough  is well mixed and completely crushed.

When finished, fry the dough with warm oil. In fact, it’s quite easy and you can add a pillow of spice, sambel, or other coconut according to their respective flavors as a companion when you eat cireng later. Of course, it will be even more interesting if you can find your own creations for the cocoon.

Sireng doing tricks without failure

In the typical West Javan cireng recipe , of course, there is a special secret that you can try to apply for later results not to fail.  especially accompanied by a slightly spicy coconut to make it tastier.

To make a mixture of dough, a good idea is to use hot water .

Also avoid mixing the dough for too long because this will also make it difficult later. Just make sure the dough is made until it is smooth, just to taste. In addition, make sure that the West Javanese cireng recipe you make is really the right dose so it can produce a taste as expected.

Another trick you can try when shaping the dough in circles is to pour your hands with flour. This method helps you to be easier when you form it and not feel hot in your hands. If you want the result to be broken later, then you can sprinkle the finished dough again with melted flour before it is fried. Remember to be sure that the oil is really warm and make a deep technique of frying the dough.

Unique and interesting creations of sireng recipe

Currently, there are many processed creations from  the existing main West Javanese cireng recipe. Coconut or soup used as a friend of this processed cireng is also varied, starting with spicing up a pilgrimages, super spicy chili sauce preparations, seblak soup,  to the noodle soup.

Even today, what is widely done is not just the coconut or soup that is created, You can make cireng rice or stuffed cireng that are given additional ingredients such as chicken, sausage, tofu, for fish.

It will definitely be a lot of fun if you find a typical Cireng recipe from West Java new and then much loved by others.

This snack is really delicious to enjoy along with tea or other drinks while you’re gathering with family or other close relatives. It even becomes a promising business opportunity if you can process it well. Therefore, there is no need to stick to the existing traditional West Javanese cireng recipe , but try to discover new things from this popular snack.

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